Last month, our investors fully funded 11 real estate-backed loans, totaling EUR 684 400. In June, we repaid 4 loans, a total of EUR 215 900 in loans to investors, and paid EUR 54 945 in interest.

Since the beginning of Crowdpear’s operation, investors have funded 145 loans worth EUR 10.7 million and received EUR 406 201 in interest. 41 loans, totaling EUR 2.22 million, have already been repaid to our investors.

At the end of June, the average loan amount on Crowdpear was EUR 73 776, and the average LTV on the platform was 60.77%.

Currently, Crowdpear has five late loans. One project, with a total loan amount of EUR 353 900, is in the recovery process. We want to remind you that investors are paid +5% additional annual interest for each day of the interest payment or loan repayment delay.

Today, Crowdpear has 6 686 verified investors.

Additional measures to protect investors’ funds

To ensure even higher protection of our investors’ funds, in June, we started applying an additional security measure—each withdrawal request now has to be confirmed by the verification code sent to the investor’s email. The code sent to the investor is valid for one hour. The withdrawal request will be automatically canceled if the investor does not confirm the withdrawal within one hour or fails to type the withdrawal confirmation code correctly several times.

If the withdrawal request is initiated to a newly added bank account, an additional check of the investor’s identity will be conducted. Read more.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Client Support.

Thank you for choosing Crowdpear for your investments.