To ensure even higher protection of our investors’ funds, we are starting to apply an additional security measure—each withdrawal request will have to be confirmed by the verification code sent to the investor’s email. The code sent to the investor is valid for one hour. The withdrawal request will be automatically canceled if the investor does not confirm the withdrawal within one hour or fails to type the withdrawal confirmation code correctly several times. If the withdrawal request is initiated to a newly added bank account, an additional check of the investor’s identity will be conducted.

Please note other measures we apply to keep you cautious and to prevent your funds so no one else except you can withdraw them:

  • A two-factor authenticator (2FA) is in place on Crowdpear to secure your account. If you need help understanding how to use this tool, please read the information in our Help section or contact our Client Support for advice.
  • Deposit/withdrawal confirmation emails. When the new deposit (no matter the amount) is made to the investor’s account, the account holder receives the email confirming the deposit approval. The deposit confirmation email is dedicated to triggering the investor’s attention to ensure whether the user made such a deposit. Moreover, the first and the last characters of the bank account from which the deposit was made are shown in the email. Ensure it is your account; if not, contact our Client Support immediately. Our investors also receive the withdrawal confirmation emails indicating to which bank account the withdrawal was made. After receiving such an email, make sure the withdrawal is sent to your bank account.
  • The withdrawals are not processed to newly added bank accounts without an additional check of the investor’s identity. To make sure it is you added a new bank account and are requesting a withdrawal to that account, we will contact you to additionally verify your identity. In case you need to withdraw to the new bank account more quickly, please contact our Client Support to verify it is you so we can process the necessary operation faster.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Client Support. Stay safe, and keep in touch with us.