Last month, we paid our investors EUR 85 687 in interest, which is the highest amount paid to Crowdpear investors in one month.

In April, Crowdpear investors fully funded 7 real estate-backed loans, totaling EUR 0.63 million; 1 loan of EUR 70 000 was repaid to investors last month.

Since the beginning of Crowdpear’s operation, investors have funded 126 loans worth EUR 9.68 million and earned EUR 308 614 in interest. 30 loans, totaling EUR 1.75 million, have already been repaid to our investors.

The average loan amount on Crowdpear is EUR 76 881; the average LTV on the platform is 60.42%.

Currently, Crowdpear has three late loans as the pledged properties are in the sale process, and developers will settle with investors with proceeds received after the property sale. We want to remind you that +5% additional annual interest is paid to investors for each day of the delay.

Currently, Crowdpear has over 6 427 verified investors.

Thank you for choosing Crowdpear for your investments.