On the upcoming most beautiful spring holidays, we invite you to take advantage of the Easter campaign and earn more – invest with the code EASTER24 and receive a bonus of EUR 10 for additional investment!

EASTER24 campaign – terms and conditions

1. Crowdpear campaign EASTER24 is valid from 2024 March 19 until 2024 April 2 (inclusive).

2. Any Crowdpear verified Investor (further – user) has the right to participate in the campaign EASTER24 during the time frame indicated in Clause 1 of these terms and conditions.

3. Every Crowdpear user who enters the promo code EASTER24 in the promo code field provided in the investment step (see image below) and invests at least EUR 100 receives a EUR 10 bonus for the investment.

4. The EASTER24 campaign bonus only applies to the investment made on the Primary market. The bonus does not apply if the investment is sold on the Secondary market. The bonus is paid out in EUR in one installment after 7 (seven) days after all the conditions set in these terms and conditions are met.

5. The EUR 10 bonus of the EASTER24 campaign paid to the user is automatically invested in an open investment offer on the platform on the day of the bonus payout. The automatically invested bonus cannot be canceled or sold on the Secondary market.

6. The EASTER24 promo code can be used by one user only once.

7. The EASTER24 bonus does not count to the user’s investments when fulfilling conditions of other Crowdpear offers.

8. The platform deducts taxes from the EASTER24 bonuses paid to the tax residents of Lithuania. Non-Lithuanian tax residents pay taxes for bonuses that are received following the laws in force in their country.

9. Legal relations arising from the EASTER24 offer shall be governed by the terms and conditions of the EASTER24 campaign.

10. Crowdpear has the right to unilaterally end or change the terms and conditions of the EASTER24 campaign without individually notifying the user.

If you have any questions about the terms and conditions of the EASTER24 campaign, please contact us by email at [email protected].