The start of this year was very productive for the Crowdpear platform. In January, our investors funded a record amount of loans totaling EUR 2.87 million – a four times higher amount, financed in one month compared to previous months.

“We achieved great results last month thanks to the well-coordinated teamwork and the successful operations of borrowers – several real estate developers returned loans ahead of schedule; we had new projects of large amounts on the platform, and investors were optimistic about investing in real estate backed loans on our platform” – comments Tomas Janulevičius, Head of Sales and Operations at Crowdpear.

Crowdpear’s main performance indicators in January:

  • The amount of funded loans: EUR 2 873 000,
  • The amount of repaid loans: EUR 307 600,
  • Interest paid: EUR 59 480,
  • New investors: 441.
  • No late loans.

Since the start of Crowdpear operations, more than 100 real estate-backed loans have been funded on the platform, totaling EUR 7.47 million. Over EUR 1.07 million of loans was repaid to investors, and EUR 168 692 was paid in interest. The Crowdpear platform currently unites 6 100 investors. The largest investment portfolio of one Crowdpear investor exceeds EUR 2 million.