How does the Invite a friend program work?

Invite your friend to invest at least 300 Eur on the Crowdpear platform and get a 15 Eur bonus each. There is no limit to the invitations. More registrations = more bonuses.

Important to note:

  • The referral link/code must be used when registering, as it cannot be applied afterward.
  • Investment must be confirmed within 30 days from successful registration to receive the bonus.
  • The Reward is paid in EUR in one installment after 7 calendar days after all conditions are fulfilled.
  • The referral bonus is applicable only for investments on the Primary market.
  • The bonus is not applicable if the investment is sold on the Secondary market.

The offer is valid from the 6th of November, 2023, to the 31st of December, 2024.

For more information, refer to the Terms and Conditions of the Invite a friend program.

Income tax on bonuses received is applied to Lithuanian tax residents only. Read more here.