Crowdpear became an EU-level regulated crowdfunding platform – on July 25, the Bank of Lithuania granted Crowdpear an EU crowdfunding service provider license (ECSP), which expands the platform’s ability to provide services throughout the EU. The new EU regulation unifies crowdfunding activity rules for all EU-licensed platforms.

Crowdpear is included in the public list of crowdfunding service providers and is supervised by the Bank of Lithuania.

Until now, the Crowdpear platform was licensed according to the Law on Crowdfunding of Lithuania. The EU crowdfunding regulation changes the crowdfunding law of the Republic of Lithuania, which will cease to be valid this year, November 10.

Crowdpear started offering to invest in real estate-backed loans at the beginning of this year. Currently, the platform unites more than 3 060 international investors and manages EUR 1,64 million investment portfolio.