The number of verified investors on Crowdpear has exceeded 6 000. The largest portfolio of one investor on the Crowdpear platform exceeds EUR 2 million. Thank you for choosing Crowdpear for your investments and being an invaluable part of our growth.

The trend that investment services continue to be significantly more popular among men is evident – 82% of the platform’s investors are men, and 18% are women.

The majority of Crowdpear’s investors, as much as 49%, are between the ages of 35 and 50. Investors between 25 and 35 comprise 26% of the platform’s investors; investors over 50 account for 20% of the platform’s investor portfolio, while the youngest investors, aged 18 to 25, account for 5% of the platform’s investors.

The largest share of investors actively investing on the Crowdpear platform consists of investors from Germany, Portugal, Spain, Lithuania, France, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Greece, Belgium and Italy. In total, investors from 56 countries actively invest on the platform.

Investing in loans backed by real estate on the Crowdpear platform can generate up to 14% annual returns. Crowdpear investors have already funded more than EUR 7.42 million of loans and earned EUR 163 860 in interest.

Remember to assess the risks associated with the investment.