Today, the EU-level regulated crowdfunding platform Crowdpear enters its second year of operations. The platform started offering investing in property-backed loans on January 3, 2023, and firmly took its position on the market.

“We founded Crowdpear in August 2021; however, due to the war in Ukraine, we have postponed the platform launch to the beginning of 2023. Our team carefully monitored global developments and their possible impact on our home market, where we fund real estate projects. We applied a conservative risk management policy and moderate growth strategy last year; however, within one year, we have achieved noticeable results, including the ECSP license – Crowdpear was one of the first crowdfunding platforms to receive the ECSP license in July 2023, proving the platform’s compliance with European regulation requirements,” – shares Arūnas Lekavičius, Chief Business Development Officer, one of the shareholders of Crowdpear.

Crowdpear achievements within one year of operations:

  • over 5 500 international investors,
  • EUR 4 433 900 – total funded amount,
  • EUR 121 769 – the interest paid to investors,
  • 82 funded projects,
  • 11 loans repaid,
  • no defaulted projects.

Crowdpear targets for 2024:

  • triple growth in funded loans,
  • diversification/expansion to new markets,
  • mobile application of the platform.

“Despite our ambitious goals for this year, conservative risk management remains the key priority of the platform to ensure good quality and high liquidity investment offers for our investors. On behalf of our entire team, I thank you for trusting us. We look forward to many years of successful cooperation ahead,” – adds A. Lekavičius.