Based on the requirements of the Regulation and other applicable legal acts, as a crowdfunding service provider, we must request information about the investors’ experience, investment goals, financial situation, and a general understanding of the investment related risks. We must evaluate whether the offered crowdfunding services are suitable for investors, and based on the criteria, consider them inexperienced (non-sophisticated) or experienced (sophisticated), and additionally warn them about the risks of investing in the types of investments offered on the platform, when required.

To ensure higher investor protection, Crowdpear considers all investors as inexperienced (non-sophisticated) investors. If you meet the criteria provided in the Procedure for assessing the suitability of crowdfunding transactions and modelling of the capacity for loss to be classified as an experienced (sophisticated) investor, contact our Client Support along with relevant evidence confirming compliance with the established criteria. A summary of the steps and criteria to be considered as an experienced (sophisticated) investor can be found here.