Open ‘My investments’ -> ‘Funded projects’ on your account, choose the investment you want to sell, and press on the icon ‘Sell investment’:

Then set the preferred sale price (maximum premium price limit is +20%), and the calculator will show the amount you will receive after the sale (a 2% selling fee of the selling price is applied by the platform and will be deducted at the moment of sale), and the buyer‘s predictable earnings. ‘Seller earnings’ indicate the investor’s (seller’s) earnings gained throughout the investment period up to date.

By pressing ‘Sell’, you will confirm and share your sale offer on the platform’s secondary market (the offer will be active for 14 calendar days; if the investment is not purchased over this period, the offer will be automatically canceled).

All buyers on the Secondary market can submit a counteroffer of their preferred purchase price, which the seller can accept or reject. All received offers will be available in your account’s ‘Secondary market’ -> ‘Received counteroffers’ section. Press ‘Accept’ if the offered price suits you and ‘Reject’ if it does not meet your expectations. The accepted offer will be processed successfully if the buyer’s available funds are sufficient; if not, the offer will be automatically rejected by the system. All other received counteroffers are automatically canceled once the accepted counteroffer is successfully processed.

If you have changed your mind, you can cancel the sale offer at any time until it is purchased by another investor. To cancel, go to ‘My investments’ -> ‘Funded projects’, and press on the red icon ‘Cancel sale request’:

After a successful sale, your investment will be moved to the ‘My investments’ -> ‘Finished investments’ section.

Important to note:

  • Investments cannot be partially sold or sold before the total loan amount is not collected;
  • All additional interest rates or bonuses applied to an investment will be transferred to the buyer (together with the claim rights of the seller against the borrower, arising from the corresponding loan agreement), e.g.: if an investment had an additional +0.5% Welcome bonus applied (totaling to 11,5% interest rate applied for the investment), the same interest rate remains once the investment is purchased by another investor;
  • If a late investment would be sold, all future payments would be processed to the buyer (the seller has no claim right against the borrower after the sale of the investment);
  • A sale offer would be automatically canceled if any new repayments according to the project’s payment schedule would be processed (or full loan amount would be covered);
  • After a successful sale, funds will reach your Crowdpear account right away.