Go to ‘Invest‘ -> ‘Secondary market‘ section, choose an investment you want to purchase on the secondary market, and press the cart icon ‘Buy investment‘:

You may also offer your purchase price by pressing ‘Make your counteroffer’. The maximum discount you can get by submitting a counteroffer is 50% of the selling price.

Only one purchase offer may be submitted per investment on the secondary market (you have the option to cancel your counteroffer at any time). The offer is valid until it is accepted or rejected by the seller or automatically canceled by the system (if the buyer’s funds are insufficient or another offer was accepted).

After a successful purchase, the investment will appear in your Crowdpear account‘s ‘My investments‘ -> ‘Funded projects‘ section. You will acquire all the claim rights from the seller against the borrower, arising from the corresponding loan agreement (to repay the loan, pay Interest, late fees, and other related payments). There are no fees for the buyers in the secondary market.

In case you would want to sell an investment purchased on the secondary market, the option to sell the investment would be available only after 1 day after a successful purchase. Information on how to sell the investments on the secondary market can be found here.