Each application and its documentation are evaluated based on internal and risk assessment schemes. Borrower’s reputation is not only assessed based on the real estate and other assets owned that would be used as collateral, but also by checking the creditworthiness, financial liabilities, various registries whether there are or have been any lawsuits/cases/financial crimes, etc. that may have an impact on the financial reliability of the borrower.

Based on the assessment algorithms, any of the following categories may be given to the project owner:

Class 1 (A) (Very good) – low credit risk

Class 2 (B) (Good) – average credit risk

Class 3 (C) (Average) – higher credit risk

Class 4 (D) (Poor) – high credit risk

Class 5 (E) (Very poor) – too high credit risk

A risk level assigned is indicated in the project details and the project owner’s description.

Crowdpear has a right to decline a funding request if a project is considered too risky, compelling, or for any other reason, that may remain disclosed.

For more information please refer to Rules for reliability assessment of the project owners.