What documents do I need to submit to reduce the taxes paid in my own country? (DAS-1)

If you are a tax resident of a country where Lithuania has a double tax treaty exemption agreement, you can reduce the withholding tax. You shall download and sign the DAS-1 form and upload it when registering or after the registration in your settings (the DAS-1 example can be found here).

Important to know about the DAS-1 form:

  • The DAS-1 form must be signed (e-signatures are not accepted).
  • To complete Part I of the DAS-1 form successfully, please use your passport or a national ID card you used to verify your identity on Crowdpear. The use of other documents such as a driver’s license or residence permit will lead to the rejection of your form.
  • Instead of signing Part V in the DAS-1 form (‘Certificate of the Tax Authority of foreign country’), a certificate of tax residency issued and signed by the local authority may be provided with the signed DAS-1 form.
  • In part III ‘Income’ -> ‘Type of income’, ‘Interest income/Income’ must be written by the investor. The date and the number of contract can be found in the user agreement (go to your account’s settings to find the user agreement).
  • We recommend submitting the documents before your first investment or first repayment. In case the documents are not submitted, a standard 15% tax rate on the interest earned is applied.
  • Please note that it may take 2-3 working days for the documents to be reviewed and accepted.
  • DAS-1 form or DAS-1 form and a tax residency certificate shall be provided for every calendar year.

Log in to your account, navigate to ‘Settings’ and scroll down to the ‘Tax residency’ section. Click on ‘Attach’ to upload your documents.

DAS-1; (DAS-1 example)